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Alitalia is the flag carrier airline of Italy. Alitalia was founded in 1946 and is the largest airline in Italy. Important hubs for Alitalia are its main hub Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport near Rome and and Milan Malpensa Airport. Alitalia operates worldwide scheduled passenger services to more than 86 destinations.

Alitalia is part of the alliance Skyteam. Alitalia operates a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Alitalia offers 4 classes of service.
Classica is Alitalia's economy class. On short and medium haul flights passengers receive a free drinks and a snack or light meal service, depending on the length of the flight. On some Airbus A320 and A319 planes Personal TV screens for entertainment are present in each seat. On long haul flights passengers receive a free meal service as well as, on most planes, Personal TV screens for entertainment.
Classica plus is Alitalia's Premium Economy available on some long haul flights. The service is the same as Economy however passengers get some extra benefits such as extra legroom, dedicated check-in desk and higher baggage allowance.
Ottima is Alitalia's short and medium haul business class, with an improved catering service and baggage allowance compared to Economy, as well as a dedicated check-in desk and access to the V.I.P. lounges in the airport.
Magnifica is Alitalia's long haul business class, New Magnifica Class seats on Alitalia's Airbus A330-200 aircraft deliveries are flat-bed seats which are also being retrofitted on the Boeing 777 aircraft.

Our rating:
Advantages of Alitalia are the relatively young fleet and Alitalia is the first airline to have created a Safety Briefing Card with 3-D figures for blind and visually impaired passengers. It is also possible to select a seat and check in online.
Disadvantages of Alitalia are the seat pitch in economy class on long distances. Not too much legroom although direct European competitors offer more or less the same seat pitch.

Alitalia is an average airline. No extraordinary performance but a decent airline with good service. Also, Alitalia is sensitive to strikes. However the last strike dates back to 2008.

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