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ArkeFly is a Dutch based charter airline, most of the chartered flights are operated for the Dutch tour operator Arke. Its main base is at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. ArkeFly was founded in 2005 and operates charter services to more than 70 destinations in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Mexico, Caribbean, Canary Islands, United States, Canada, Africa, Asia, Brazil and the Netherlands Antilles.

ArkeFly operates an all Boeing fleet.

Arkefly offers 3 classes of service. Economy Class, Comfort Class and Premium Comfort Class. On most flights Arkefly offers a buy on board service offering food and drinks for purchase

Our rating:
Advantages of Arkefly are the diversity and quantity of destinations and flights to leisure destinations in Europe. The fleet is well maintained. It is also possible to select a seat and check in online.
Disadvantages of Arkefly are the seat pitch in economy class. Rather uncomfortable seats in economy for a long flight. There is no in-flight entertainment available with the exception on flights to long-haul destinations where you can rent a dvd-player.

Arkefly is an average airline. No extraordinary performance but a decent airline with friendly staff.

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