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US Airways

US Airways is a major airline in the United States. US Airways, founded in 1979, operates flights from several hubs. Important hubs are Charlotte International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport. US Airways operates worldwide scheduled passenger services to more than 204 destinations. US Airways Shuttle provides an hourly shuttle service between Boston, New York and Washington.

US Airways is part of the alliance Star Alliance and operates a mixed fleet of Airbus, Embraer and Boeing aircraft. US Airways operates the largest fleet of Airbus aircraft in the world.

US Airways offers 3 classes of service.
Envoy is US Airways long-haul business class product, found on flights to Europe, the Middle East, and South America.
First Class is the premium cabin on domestic and short-haul international service, and is offered on all mainline aircraft as well as US Airways Express aircraft over 50 seats.
Economy class is available on all aircraft. Domestic service features a buy-on-board program.

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Advantages of US Airways are the diversity and quantity of destinations and direct flights to destinations in North and Central America. The fleet is very well maintained and many aircraft have in-flight entertainment. US Airways offers Wi-Fi on several flights. It is also possible to select a seat and check in online.

US Airways is a good but average airline and offers good service. US Airways is comparable with major European airlines.

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