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Vueling is a low-cost airline in Spain. Vueling its main base is at Barcelona El Prat Airport, Vueling operates flight from multiple bases, important bases are Amsterdam, Bilbao, Madrid, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, Seville, Toulouse and Valencia. Vueling was founded in 2004 and operates scheduled passenger services to more than 50 destinations in Europe and the western Mediterranean.

Vueling operates an all Airbus fleet. Aircraft cabins are configured in a single class, high density layout.

Vueling only has Economy Class and offers a buy on board service offering food and drinks for purchase.

Our rating:
Advantages of Vueling are cheap fares, diversity and quantity of destinations and direct flights to destinations in Europe. The fleet is young and well maintained. It is also possible to select a seat and check in online.
Disadvantages of Vueling are the seat pitch in economy class. Rather uncomfortable seats but alright for a short flight. There is no in-flight entertainment available.

Vueling is an average airline. No extraordinary performance but a decent airline. For extra services you will be charged.

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