Boeing 787 Dreamliner Airlines | Boeing 787 Operators


The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a long-range, mid-size wide-body, twin-engine jet airline. It is one of the newest and most efficient aircraft in the world. The following airlines operate the Boeing 787 or have the Boeing 787-800 or 787-900 on order. Features of the Boeing 787 are larger windows with adjustable tint, more stowage overhead, led lighting, quieter cabin with less noise and higher humidity which increase comfort and convenience. Typical seat room ranges from 32 to 34 in (81 to 86 cm) in economy, 36 to 39 in (91 to 99 cm) in business and 46 to 61 in (120 to 150 cm) pitch in first.

Operators :

- Aeromexico
- Air Canada
- Air India
- Air New Zealand (2014)
- ANA All Nippon Airways
- Avianca (September 2014)
- British Airways
- China Southern Airlines
- Etihad Airways
- Ethiopian Airlines
- Hainan Airlines
- JAL Japan Airlines
- Jetairfly
- Jetstar
- Kenya Airways (June 2014)
- Lan Airlines
- LOT Polish Airlines
- Norwegian
- Qatar Airways
- Royal Air Maroc
- Royal Brunei
- Royal Jordanian (August 2014)
- Thomson Airways
- TUI Nordic
- United Airlines
- Xiamen Airlines (2014)

Seat Pitch Boeing 787 Economy Class | Legroom Boeing 787 Economy Class

Airline Seat Pitch inch Seat Pitch cm IFE* Laptop power Internet
Aeromexico 3486.4AVOD--
Air Canada 3179AVOD 9 inchSome seats-
Air India 3384AVOD--
Air New Zealand31-3379-84AVOD 9 inch HDAll seats-
ANA All Nippon Airways31-3279-81AVODAll seats-
ANA All Nippon Airways33-3484-86.4AVODAll seats-
ANA All Nippon Airways33-3484-86.4AVODAll seats-
British Airways 3179AVOD 8.9 inchUSB-
China Southern Airlines 31-3379-84AVOD 9 inch--
Ethiopian Airlines3384AVOD--
Hainan Airlines 3281AVODAll seats-
JAL Japan Airlines30-3276-81AVODAll seats-
Jetstar Airways 3179AVOD 9 inchUSB-
Kenya Airways 3281AVOD--
LAN Airlines 3281AVOD 9 inchUSB-
LOT - Polish Airlines 3281AVOD--
Qatar Airways 3179AVODAll seatsWiFi
Royal Brunei Airlines 3281AVOD 9 inch110V, USB-
Thomson Airways3384AVODUSB-
TUIfly Nordic29.575AVOD--
United Airlines 3179AVODAll seatsWiFi

Seat Pitch Boeing 787 Business Class | Legroom Boeing 787 Business Class

Airline Seat Pitch inch Seat Pitch cm IFE* Laptop power Internet
Aeromexico 60152.4AVOD 16 inch110V AC, USB-
Air Canada Flat-BedFlat-BedAVOD 18 inch HD110V, USB-
Air India 74188AVOD--
Air New ZealandFlat-BedFlat-BedAVOD 11 inch HDAll seats-
ANA All Nippon Airways62-63157.5-160AVODAll seats-
ANA All Nippon Airways44112AVODAll seats-
ANA All Nippon AirwaysFlat-BedFlat-BedAVODAll seats-
British Airways Flat-BedFlat-BedAVOD 12.1 inch110V, USB-
China Southern Airlines Flat-BedFlat-BedAVOD 15 inch--
Ethiopian Airlines68173AVOD--
Hainan Airlines Flat-BedFlat-BedAVODAll seats-
JAL Japan AirlinesFlat-BedFlat-BedAVOD110V, USB-
Jetstar Airways 3896.5AVOD 10.6 inchAll seats-
Kenya Airways Flat-BedFlat-BedAVODAll seats-
LAN Airlines Flat-BedFlat-BedAVOD 15.4 inchAll seats-
LOT - Polish Airlines Flat-BedFlat-BedAVODAll seats-
Qatar Airways Flat-BedFlat-BedAVODAll seatsWiFi
Royal Brunei Airlines Flat-BedFlat-BedAVOD 15.4 inch110V, USB-
United Airlines Flat-BedFlat-BedAVODAll seatsWiFi