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Atlanta (ATL)

Seat Pitch Delta Air Lines (Premium Economy Class)

Premium Economy Class

Aircraft type Seat Pitch inch Seat Pitch cm IFE* Laptop power Internet
Airbus A319-100 (Economy Comfort)3486.4--WiFi
Airbus A320 (Economy Comfort)3486.4--WiFi
Airbus A320-32R (Economy Comfort)3486.4--WiFi
Airbus A330-200 (3L2)3589AVODAll seats-
Airbus A330-200 (Economy Comfort)3589AVODAll seats-
Airbus A330-300 (3L3)3589AVODAll seats-
Airbus A330-300 (Economy Comfort)3589AVODAll seats-
Boeing 717 (Economy Comfort)3486.4-All seatsWiFi
Boeing 737-700 (Economy Comfort)3486.4Personal Video-WiFi
Boeing 737-800 (73H) (Economy Comfort)3486.4Personal VideoAll seatsWiFi
Boeing 737-800 (Economy Comfort)3486.4TV Overhead-WiFi
Boeing 737-900ER3486.4Personal VideoAll seatsWiFi
Boeing 747-4003589Personal VideoAll seats-
Boeing 757-200 (75A) (Economy Comfort)3589TV Overhead--
Boeing 757-200 (75E) (Economy Comfort)3589Personal VideoAll seatsWiFi
Boeing 757-200 (75E) (New Cabin)3589AVOD 9 inch110V, USBWiFi
Boeing 757-200 (75M) (Economy Comfort)34-3586.4-89--WiFi
Boeing 757-200 (75N) (Economy Comfort)3486.4--WiFi
Boeing 757-200 (75V) (Economy Comfort)34-3586.4-89TV Overhead-WiFi
Boeing 757-200 (75X) (Economy Comfort)3486.4Personal Video-WiFi
Boeing 757-200 (Economy Comfort)34-3586.4-89TV Overhead-WiFi
Boeing 757-3003486.4TV Overhead-WiFi
Boeing 767-300 (76P) Domestic3486.4Personal Video-WiFi
Boeing 767-300 (76Q) Domestic3486.4Personal Video-WiFi
Boeing 767-300ER (76G) (Economy Comfort)3589TV Overhead-WiFi
Boeing 767-300ER (76L) (Economy Comfort)3589Personal VideoAll seats-
Boeing 767-300ER (76T) (Economy Comfort)3589Personal VideoAll seats-
Boeing 767-300ER (76U) (Economy Comfort)3589TV Overhead-WiFi
Boeing 767-300ER (76Z) V1 (Economy Comfort)3589Personal VideoAll seatsWiFi
Boeing 767-300ER (76Z) V2 (Economy Comfort)3589Personal VideoAll seatsWiFi
Boeing 767-400ER3589AVODAll seats-
Boeing 777-200ER (Economy Comfort)3589AVODAll seats-
Boeing 777-200LR (Economy Comfort)3589AVODAll seats-
Canadair Regional Jet CRJ 7003486.4--WiFi
Canadair Regional Jet CRJ 9003486.4--WiFi
Embraer E-1703486.4--WiFi
Embraer E-1753486.4--WiFi
McDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-903486.4-All seatsWiFi
* IFE stands for In-Flight Entertainment. Many airlines equip their aircraft with a complete in-flight entertainment system. You have the possibility to choose the movie you want to see or music you want to listen during the flight. In addition, several airlines also provide the possibility to play video games through their in-flight entertainment system and some airlines it is possible to play with - and against - other passengers. Some airlines offer iPads or tablets and portable entertainment systems during the flight. This is offered mostly in Business Class or Premium Economy. On several charter airlines and low-cost airlines you can rent an entertainment system.

* AVOD stands for Audio Video On Demand. This makes it possible to choose from a selection of movies, TV programs, video games and music.

* BYOD, Bring Your Own Device. You can bring your own tablet and the airline will stream content such as videos to your device.

* Tablet , as part of the in-flight entertainment more airlines are providing a tablet such as an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab during flight.