Air China

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Beijing (BJS)

Koltuk araligi Air China (Economy Class)

Economy Class

Ušak tipi Koltuk araligi in Koltuk araligi cm IFE* Power Internet
Airbus A3193076TV Overhead--
Airbus A3203179TV Overhead--
Airbus A3213281---
Airbus A330-200 (1)3281AVOD--
Airbus A330-200 (2)3281AVOD--
Airbus A330-30031-3279-81TV OverheadSome seats-
Airbus A340-3003179TV OverheadAll seats-
Boeing 737-3003281TV Overhead--
Boeing 737-7003076TV Overhead--
Boeing 737-800 (1)31-3279-81TV Overhead--
Boeing 737-800 (2)3179TV Overhead--
Boeing 747-4003486.4TV Overhead--
Boeing 747-400 Combi3486.4TV Overhead--
Boeing 757-2003281---
Boeing 767-3003384TV Overhead--
Boeing 767-300ER3384TV Overhead--
Boeing 777-200 (1)32-3381-84TV Overhead-WiFi
Boeing 777-200 (2)33-3484-86.4TV Overhead-WiFi
* IFE - In-Flight Entertainment.

* AVOD - Audio Video On Demand.

* BYOD - Bring Your Own Device.

* Tablet , as part of the in-flight entertainment more airlines are providing a tablet such as an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab during flight.